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Ona Robinson, PH.D.

Dr. Robinson has had several careers in teaching, school psychology, and psychotherapy with children and adults. She is a licensed psychologist, certified psychotherapist, working in both business and private practice for over 20 years. Dr. Robinson's work with women in the highly competitive arena of Wall Street has helped her to define the ways in which female and male competition differ. Since 1984, she and Dr. Stephens have been working together in the area of unlearning destructive competitive strategies and developing ways of achieving harmony, or concinnity.

Edward M. Stephens, M.D.

Dr. Stephens is a physician and a psychiatrist, who learned from families as they grappled with their relationships and taught them skills for living. As he worked with them, these families taught him that emotional competitiveness with each other was the basis for unhappiness in their relationships. This work led him to found The On Step Institute to research the origins of conflict and to develop skill systems for promoting concinnity, the harmonious integration of differences. In addition to his ongoing work with families, he is a consultant to businesses and was part of a peace delegation to Israel and the West Bank with the Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Development.

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